Timing is Everything

Good wedding ceremony musicians are not only trained to play the music itself, they are skilled at “timing out” the music so that your processional down the aisle is seamless. Whether you and your wedding party feel like taking a little extra time to savor the moment or one of your bridesmaids loses a shoe, you shouldn’t have to worry about whether your musician gets the memo in the heat of battle.

And you won’t – if you take one simple step during your planning process to ensure proper wedding day communication.

It is important to tell your wedding planner or same-day venue coordinator to allow each song selection to gracefully end and a new one to begin before sending out the next wedding party group. Don’t worry, we won’t keep you waiting there forever! Many times, wedding planners feel rushed to get everyone down the aisle. But, if a little time is taken by the coordinator, the musician is able to avoid any abrupt stops in the music. This creates a much smoother and more pleasant experience for you, your groom, and your guests.

Even better, you can encourage the planner and musician to communicate one-on-one by phone prior to the big day so that they are on the same page!


Photo courtesy A-Weddings.com
Photo courtesy A-Weddings.com

The Perfect Bridal Processional

It’s the big day. You have your hair coiffed, your dress pressed, and your bridesmaids in line. You have nothing else to plan!

The one thing that you can think about now is the walk down the aisle. Wouldn’t it be absolutely perfect if you had the perfect song for the violin to take you to the alter? If you are into traditional wedding music, these five pieces are the best options for you:

1. “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” (J.S. Bach)

2. “Where’er You Walk” (G.F. Handel) – Check out the lyrics – it’s perfect!

3. “Salut d’Amour” (Edward Elgar)

4. “Trumpet Voluntary” (Jeremiah Clarke)

5. “Träumerei” (Robert Schumann)

Give them a listen – there’s a reason they’ve been around for hundreds of years!

First Presbyterian Church, Oklahoma City
First Presbyterian Church, Oklahoma City