Plan for the best (and then roll with the punches).

I came across this cute photo on Huffington Post this week and could not help but laugh out loud. I may be a musician rather than a wedding photographer, but I totally know how he feels.

Chase Richardson Photography
Chase Richardson/Followell Photography

Take a look at this beautiful bridal party! They are perfectly coiffed, made up and outfitted for their perfect day. This bride and her trusty bridesmaids have been planning meticulously for months — even years. The photographer is clearly on his A game, bringing together everyone for a well-styled group photo.

And then he slips and falls down, snapping the photo on his way and capturing these priceless, surprised faces. Despite all their planning, life happened in the middle of their life event, and while this may not be the perfect, every-hair-in-its-place photo they thought they’d get, I guarantee you it’s their favorite one. (Oh, and they probably got that “perfect” one for the mantelpiece, too.)

Although I’ve never planned my own wedding (hold your horses, friends — that’s a ways down the road!) I’ve learned that the brides who are most satisfied at their weddings are the ones who embrace the unexpected and have a little fun. Like my mama always says, “make sure your lipstick is on at the beginning of the night, but don’t waste a memorable evening in the bathroom touching up your makeup — live a little!” In other words, plan for the best and then roll with the punches.

On my blog and countless other sources, you’ll find advice on how to plan down to the minute for your dream wedding, and I love the opportunity to help guide brides on the musical aspects of their wedding journey. This photo was just a reminder to me what a memory can be made when the ring bearer drops the rings or crazy Uncle Harold knocks the topper off the cake. You can’t plan for everything.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July, friends!

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